Summer break is here!

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The last weeks before summer break are always extremely busy. Getting the last grades, handing in unsubmitted assignments, and a lot of other little things that the children, as well as us parents, have to arrange. If it’s stressful for us, we can imagine how stressful it is for our children.

Rolly blog summer break is here

Despite the heat and the fact that children are in their minds already on vacation, they must stay focused and push through this fast finishing pace. Parents often make things even more difficult for them, with high expectations regarding school success and demands as to what they still need to get done before summer break begins. But is this really what is the most important?

We forget that, for the most part, children do care what their school performance is. They compare themselves to their classmates and want to achieve the best possible results, which, despite their efforts, is not always possible. We forget that grades are not the most important thing in life and that even a four is a very good grade. We forget that they still have many other things to learn, which are not a part of the school curriculum and are therefore not evaluated, but are nevertheless extremely important for their future. We forget how important it is for them to know how to handle their thoughts and emotions when they get a bad grade, when the homework is not done right, when they have a conflict with a peer, etc. All these will be valuable experiences for them later in life. Sometimes disappointment occurs inevitably, and in such moments it is our job to support them, understand their feelings and encourage them to move forward.

Children must acquire work habits, take studying seriously and do their best. At the same time, they must have enough time for play, for things that fulfill them, and for quality time with their family and friends. They must have time-off, when they are not under pressure from teachers and parents, time when they are not involved in structured activities, but can spend this time in their own way.

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During the covid pandemic, which has had a strong impact on children, the society has realized how important is the mental health not only of adults but children as well. Parents and teachers are now more than ever aware of the factors that challenge children’s well being and know how to help them maintain their mental health.

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What can relieve them more than a carefree summer vacation after a long and eventful school year? What could be better for their mental health and normal development than a school break full of laughter, outside activities, reading good books and splashing around? What can recharge their learning enthusiasm for the upcoming school year more than a carefree school break when you forget about school, homework and studying? A time when children experience a lot of new things, learn independence, help in the household, and play outside in the fresh air. A time when children make new friendships and discover new hobbies. A time when they also get a little bored and maybe do something they shouldn’t do. Let them have a break in the true sense of the word, a beautiful summer, a childhood and a carefree time that they deserve.

Dear parents and children! Put away the school bags for the following two months, congratulate each other because another school year is behind us, celebrate all your accomplishments and forget about everything that didn’t go as well as you wanted. Enjoy every moment of this summer and move forward full of new strength.

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