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Rolly Slippers


Comfortable leather school slippers with a wider cut, specially designed for girls with a tall instep.


The human foot is a very complex part of our body. It is made up of a large number of bones and muscles. Due to strain suffered by movement, the foot changes and adapts over different stages of development. The natural development of the foot can be influenced by wearing appropriate footwear. This is especially important for children. In past regressed societies that permeate human history all around the globe, young children oftentimes were able to train their foot muscles by running around barefoot. This sadly is not seen as an accepted occurrence in a variety of settings in modern day western societies (i.e. hygienic reasons).

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However, not all children’s feet are the same and not all develop into an ideal foot. Changes in the development of the foot can occur due to various reasons. It is important that a child who does not have an aligned foot can also wear appropriate footwear and suitable school slippers. Children that are bigger may have problems with the width of the slipper, which in turn affects the feeling of comfort. An inappropriate school slipper can only aggravate the problem which may lead to further complications during a child’s development.


Comfortable school slippers with a wider cut are suitable for girls with stronger feet and those with tall insteps. Girls with stronger feet may have difficulty wearing school slippers. This can lead to tightness in the foot area while wearing them accompanied by a noticeably faster wear-and-tear due to the presumed excessive stretching. Rolly school slippers are suitable for a wider foot and tall instep. Some distinguishing factors for the slipper are as follows:

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Bigger girls may feel discomfort (i.e. tightness) when wearing classic shoes that are more suitable for a narrow foot. A school slipper is not a good fit if the child has difficulties in putting on/taking off the slipper. Such a slipper can pinch and cause the girl discomfort when moving. Therefore it is in this case necessary to consider footwear suitable for a wider foot and tall instep.

The “Joy model slipper” adapts to the taller instep and wider foot in several ways. These ways are:

The “Joy model slipper” is a closed model of school slippers, but still distinctly girly. Girls with a wider foot or a tall instep are often forced to wear boy shoes, which are by default larger and this can cause anxiety. All girls are feminine, regardless of their foot width or physique. The Joy model is distinguished by its girlish playfulness, expressed mainly in the form of a wide elastic band – in the front part, we came up with imaginative details.

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It often is the case that girls with a stronger foot structure may not be able to partake in the wearing of a certain kind of slipper/flat due to their narrow design coupled with limited sizing! With that in mind, here at Rolly we designed a fashion line of school slippers for girls whose feet are not quite standard. Even bigger girls need to feel good in school slippers, and the feeling of comfort is mainly influenced by the following factors:

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When buying footwear, it is important to know the shape of your foot. This is all the more important when choosing school slippers, as children spend most of the day in them. Because school slippers are worn while growing up, it is important that the slippers support the natural development of the foot so that natural motion can ensue. Again, no two feet are the same!

To identify what your child’s foot is like and find suitable school slippers, pay attention to:


The human foot is surely one of a kind! Artists such as Leonardo da Vinci highlighted this idea in his works, and let’s just say here at Rolly we believe he’s in good company with that sentiment. The foot consists of 26 bones, 33 joints and more than 100 muscles, connective tissues and tendons, which represents a quarter of the bones and muscles of the whole body. The foot gives the body support, absorbs forces when walking and stabilizes the body core. This applies to every foot, regardless of body type, foot width or instep height. Because we know that our bodies are different, we strive to find solutions for all and give everyone equal opportunities.

In the design and manufacture of school slippers, we are distinguished by: