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Rolly Slippers


School slippers for girls in iconic ballet flats cut in fashionable colors and with attractive accessories.

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School slippers used to be incredibly boring and unattractive. The iconic “black-slippers” definitely hold some weight in many of our minds and is oftentimes the go-to model when trying to describe this style of footwear. Most of us surely thought there were more options in reach to fill in our sense of lacking fashion diversity. Furthermore, Children spend most of their day in slippers. For them to actually like them, it is important not only that the slippers do not fall off and provide safety, but also that they are visually appealing. School slippers are not just some random piece of footwear, but an important part of apparel. Especially for girls!

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In order to preserve the main functionalities of school slippers while still making them more attractive, we were the first to upgrade the traditional black slipper with a choice of fashionable leather color options and outstanding details. For girls, we preserved the traditional ballet flat cut, a timeless classic, as well as added a small but effective upgrade with our detailing. The patches/accessories were a big hit, the kids embraced this new concept of school slippers with a great deal of enthusiasm! Slippers have become a fashion accessory. Even today, special details on school slippers remain the most popular choice for children, as they can choose from many motifs – there is something for everyone.


Comfortable and fashionable school slippers in the cut of a popular ballet flat with imaginative patches and shiny details are a real fashion hit among girls. In principle, girls are not exactly the biggest fans of school slippers, but they love fashion accessories. We design ballet flats with thoughtful applications for different fashion tastes, because we know that for girls every detail is important. Ballet flats with accessories are distinguished by:

The “Beauty school slipper” model is our best selling model of slippers for girls. This is our first school slipper with patches, which is very popular with girls of all ages. (This model is a trendsetter on its own with the application of patches on the shoes body) Because it is available in many color combinations, it is loved by both toddlers and adolescent girls. The ballet flat’s base consists of quality natural leather. Around the perimeter of the slipper in contrast is a fashionable elastic that does not feel tight which highlights the feeling of comfort in the slipper. The “Beauty school school slipper” is complemented by an elastic in the instep area, which is a noticeable fashion accent. The main features of the Beauty collection are highlighted when gazing upon the fashionable details. One of which is the carefully designed  “sewn-in” features that are still unique among the school slipper models for girls.

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The “Unicorn school slipper” model for girls with the popular unicorn motif is intended for all lovers of these mythical creatures. Unicorns are symbols of hope and their popularity remains very high, especially in a symbolical sense. Their uniqueness coupled with their unbridled elegance keeps them relevant in respective communities. And because you can never have too many unicorns, girls love them not only on their pajamas and dresses, cakes and bags, but also on school slippers. The Unicorn model is designed in the cut of a traditional ballet flat made of soft natural leather in attractive pink or violet shades. The unicorn motif is carefully applied with the embroidery technique, which gives a pleasant three-dimensional feeling. An elastic in complementary shades and a sophisticated bow are the cherry on the cake. For lovers of the fairy-tale rainbow world and the power of friendship for all ages.

The comfortable “Jeans school slipper” consist of a soft denim and are unique among school slippers. The traditional cut of the ever-popular ballet flat serves as the basis of the slipper, which provides comfort and flexibility. On the front of the slipper there is a fashionable detail in motifs that are especially popular with girls – you can never have too many flowers, love or little hearts. The elastic features a satin bow which places a focus on the detail that makes the slipper a fashion necessity. The secret is in the details and the Jeans model truly is woven from thoughtful and remarkable but still not ostentatious elements. They will be appreciated by girls who are gentle and creative in nature, but also know how to be rebellious.

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A quality school slipper must be made of quality materials. To find leather suitable for making fashionable slippers, we have to travel to the heart of Tuscany and work closely together with the production. Many fashionable colors, such as certain shades of pink, are not easy to get in combination with leather, which is a natural material and has its own characteristics.

But this is just the first step on the road of designing good footwear. The innovative use of materials that are not visible on the final product and are hidden from plain sight is very important. For example, the foam in each interior is a very special kind. The tiny pockets, of which they are composed, have a special property that allows moisture to be released out of the foam. In comparison, normal foam often traps moisture and does not let respective fabrics breathe as easily. With Rolly slippers, the choice of thread, straps and elastic is not left to chance – we sometimes spend meters of material to find an elastic of suitable thickness and elasticity or a ribbon for a bow that will not tear and will retain its shape.

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We do not only manufacture school slippers for the sake of creating “footwear”. No, we combine many years of craftsmanship experience and small secrets that are important in the production of a high-quality, well designed school slipper. Combining functionality with a good design is not always easy. Rolly slippers are: