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School slippers for girls in iconic ballet flats cut with satin details.

Šolski copati rolly gold ballerina punce


Owning a pair of ballet flats is something that has been shared in high regards amongst a majority of young girls. Ballet flats represent traditional footwear with a long and rich history spreading over centuries. They are an almost indispensable footwear of most women, even though they were also worn by men in the Middle Ages. Ballet flats are often attributed with elegance and grace. Here at Rolly, we wish to emulate that very same feeling!

Solski copati ballerina rose gold deklice

Ballet flats are comfortable shoes that have a low heel and an open instep. Traditional ballet flats have a rounded front and are often decorated with sophisticated details, such as a bow. When ballet flats bounced from the halls and stages into the streets, they soon became a footwear essential amongst many. Their popularity was aided with the variety of movie stars whom wore them on the big screen.


Comfortable and fashionable school slippers which maintain the cut of a classic ballet flat are shown to be a fashion hit among young girls. This is because they can maintain their girlish tenderness and while securing a unique aesthetic amongst their peers. We have created quite a few models of slippers for fashion enthusiasts, which are distinguished by their traditional style and timeless elegance. Our classic ballet flats are characterized by:

The “Ballerina school slippers” models are available in ordinary white, glamorous gold and fashionable rose gold leather. Rose gold is a feminine, soft and trendy color that is very popular with girls. The classic cut of a ballet flat is so magnificent on its own that when paired with leathers of high quality, all that is needed is a well-made detail ( i.e. bow on the tip of the slipper). Rose gold leather is hard to create. However, here at Rolly we work with  manufacturers who are masters of shoe customization.

Šolski copati rolly rose gold ballerina
Šolski copati rolly teen za punce

The “Teen school slippers” model is designed for teenage girls that may have started to lose a traditional eye for a particular color. Such as pink being their go-to color! The dark blue color of the leather is subtly complemented by a silver elastic around the slipper. The front part of the ballet flat is adorned with a satin bow, which completes the sophisticated girlish look. Teen school slippers have a convincing, discreet simplicity to them that is otherwise typical of fashion icons. That is what we call women who did not follow fashion trends, but tailored trends to their own standards or even created them. Many fashion icons have enriched their minimalistic style with individual sophisticated pieces, such as ballet flats.

All models of school slippers in the cut of a classic ballet flat are universal, suitable for different ages, different fashion tastes and foot sizes from toddlers to teenagers. They are made of quality leather and follow all the footwear design trends for the most natural development of the foot and the walking mechanism. Because children spend a lot of time in slippers at school, it is important that slippers provide them with:

Šolski rolly ballerina white copati bele balerinke

When buying school slippers, keep in mind that the child must also like them. This is especially true for girls, especially in their sensitive teenage years. Our classic models of ballet flats are made for all the girls who want to be fashionable even in school, and all the parents who have in mind above all quality, comfort and safety.


Today, children fortunately have more choices and girls want mostly school slippers in the cut of a ballet flat. Ballet flats are an eternal classic – no matter how fashion trends change, ballet flats are here to stay.

For young girls, slippers are not an insignificant shoe but a fashion accessory. That’s why school slippers in the cut of a ballet flat are so popular with girls of all ages: they’re actually part of their fashion style. At the same time, they are distinguished by all the features of a good school slipper. This is because they are composed of quality natural materials that do not slip. This is often crucial for safety while playing in school environments!

Šolski copati ballerina rolly gold deklice


Why is it important that school slippers are made of appropriate materials? Because children have them on their feet while participating in a full day of school. Every day of most weeks throughout the year, day after day! Leather slippers are very comfortable to wear. Because leather is porous. The material breathes in comparison to wrinkle-resistant fabric. Depending on the microclimate in the footwear, it binds or discharges moisture. The leather fits and adapts to the foot, so it gives a feeling of comfort.

Rolly’s leather suppliers are those Italian companies that produce leather in accordance with European regulations in accordance to fabric usage. All materials used in the manufacture of Rolly slippers do not contain harmful substances. In the design and manufacture of school slippers, we are distinguished by:

Solski copati ballerina rose gold punce rolly