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Rolly Slippers


Comfortable leather school slippers with a wider cut, specially designed for boys with a tall instep.

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The foot consists of 26 bones, 33 joints and more than 100 muscles, connective tissues and tendons, which represents a quarter of the bones and muscles of the whole body. The foot gives the body support and absorbs forces when walking and stabilizes the body core. It is important that the child’s foot develops in the most natural way possible. This is because the foot not only provides support to the body, but is also an important sensory organ! Imagine getting to know the world with thick gloves on your hands – that’s how a foot in inappropriate footwear feels!

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This is especially important for children who do not have a typical foot. Tall insteps are quite common in boys, so we must be careful not to try to place such feet into inappropriate school slippers. The same goes for a wider foot, which is typical of more taller/developed adolescent boys! The feet of all children should have the most ideal possibilities for natural development, which means a feeling of comfort in the footwear, flexibility for the development of the arch of the foot and enough space in the toe area. A healthy body starts with healthy footwear.


Comfortable school slippers with a wider cut are suitable for boys with stronger feet and those with tall insteps. Boys with a stronger foot may have difficulty wearing school slippers, they can for example have difficulties putting them on or experience them as too tight during wearing, especially in the front. Rolly school slippers are suitable for a wider foot and tall instep. These slippers are distinguished by traits such as:

Boys with a stronger physique often complain that their footwear, including school slippers, feel tight. It is difficult to put them on and take them off, and at the same time they feel uncomfortable when moving around and playing. A foot that does not feel comfortable in the footwear and does not have enough space to develop properly! Therefore, it is important that in case when young boys have problems with the classic models of slippers, we choose school slippers that are specially made for a wider foot and a tall instep. Stronger feet sweat more often, so our school slippers have extra holes for better ventilation while still giving thought to the arch of one’s foot.

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The “Fun model slipper” adapts to the taller instep and wider foot in several ways such as:

Fun is a closed model of school slippers for boys that is far from being boring. It is made of soft natural leather in playful colors, and the playfulness of the leather is further emphasized by the elastic in vibrant shades and of imaginative shapes. This model is shown to captivate boys whom are expressive and wish to cater to their creative sides!

Rolly sirsi model fantje lastnosti copatk line
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Line leather school slippers” for boys have a classic cut. In appearance, the model may indeed resemble traditional black school slippers, but it differs from them in imaginative details, especially in the use of contrasting thread for seams. This is a comfortable wider model, also suitable for feet with a tall instep. Line school slippers have a wide elastic band in the instep area and the feeling of comfort is mainly influenced by:


Do you know how to determine if you or your child have a tall or low instep? One method says that to estimate the height of the instep, the ratio between the length of the arch across the instep and the length of the foot must be calculated. Firstly, measure the length of the arch across the instep by measuring from one side of the foot to the other, from floor to floor, in the instep area. Then measure the length of the foot from the middle of the heel to the middle of the index toe on the foot. It is best to measure the length by outlining the foot on a piece of paper.

Then divide the length of the arch over the instep by the length of the foot. Results:

In addition to the height of the instep, the width of the foot must be taken into account when choosing the appropriate footwear, including school slippers, as this can significantly affect the feeling of comfort.

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A slipper is just only seemingly a simple product. It takes quite a few design skills and technological secrets for it to be perfect.

Our school slippers are suitable for safe playing, exercising, dancing and running. They fit comfortably to the foot, do not impede movement and allow natural walking. We are distinguished by: