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Rolly Slippers


School slippers for boys in a traditional cut with lively details and flexible elastic.


It’s not true that boys don’t care about what they wear, sometimes they just can’t express it as well as girls. We can learn a lot about young people by the way they dress. The period of searching for their own identity, especially in their teens, is exhausting for them and their surroundings. Bodies change, moods change. Boys also like to try new things, they want to be liked and accepted. It’s true that sometimes they do it in a way that adults don’t really understand. It is important that we accept differences and be empathetic.

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When designing school slippers for boys, we wanted to preserve the functionality of traditional school slippers and enrich them with attractive details. This means that they should not be too flashy or too conspicuous, but they should not be boring either. The method of using details or patches and tinkering with elastic, which makes it much easier for kids to put their slippers on, proved to be an excellent idea. We were the first brand to upgrade the traditional black school slipper with a selection of fashionable leather colors and outstanding details. We preserved the traditional cut and improved it with small but effective details. The new accessories were a big hit, the kids embraced this new concept of school slippers with a great deal of enthusiasm. Even today, special details on school slippers remain the most popular choice for children, as they can choose from many motifs – there is something for everyone.


Comfortable school slippers in a traditional cut that are suitable for narrow feet in attractive fashionable colors of quality leather and with imaginative details. Boys may not seem to care what kind of school slippers they wear, but when given the choice, they usually opt for a darker base with patches in the form of their favorite motifs. Boys really appreciate comfort, so we have upgraded the traditional cut with a flexible wider elastic. School slippers for boys with modern accessories are distinguished by:

The Smile school slippers model is our best selling model of slippers for boys. This is our first school slipper with patches, which is very popular with boys of all ages. Because it is available in many color combinations, it is loved by both toddlers and adolescent boys. The base of the traditional cut is made of quality natural leather, around the perimeter of the slipper is a flexible elastic that does not feel tight and that highlights the feeling of comfort in the slipper. There is a wide elastic in the instep area so that the slippers are easier to put on and take off. The main feature of the Smile model, however, are fashionable details that are carefully designed according to motifs that are especially popular with boys. All the details are carefully sewn to the base and retain their shape during use. The Smile school slippers are still unique among the models of school slippers for boys.

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The Vibe school slippers model for boys is made of soft leather in darker boyish shades. Their traditional cut has long been popular with boys of all ages and is suitable for both calmer boys and those who want to be something special. We also make the Vibe model in large sizes, as the boy’s foot can grow quickly. To keep the slippers from getting boring, the colour of the leather in the front is complemented by a wide flexible elastic with a vibrant and unique print. For lovers of classics with a touch of happy creativity and playful details.

Features of Smile and Vibe school slippers that the boys especially appreciate:

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Natural leather is a durable, robust and easy-to-process material that is one of the first materials that man had learned how to process. Since prehistoric times, man has been using leather for his everyday needs, including making clothes and shoes. Leather processing and preparation processes have changed over the centuries along with the development of technologies.

Leather is characterized by softness, elasticity and breathability, so it can be shaped as desired. It breathes and absorbs sweat, thus transmitting water vapour and air. It is resistant to abrasion and has an extremely long lifespan if properly taken care of.


We have been present on the Slovenian market for more than 20 years. We design and manufacture leather slippers with non-slip soles and a soft leather interior from materials of European origin. Our slippers are made according to the recommendations of pediatricians and physiotherapists. The flexible leather insole feels as if you were walking barefoot, while the flexible and non-slip sole softens the foot’s contact with the surface. Our school slippers are a great fit, do not impede movement and allow natural walking. They are suitable for safe playing, exercise, dancing and running in school hallways.

Our main principles in manufacturing are: