Rolly Slippers


Slippers for safe support in making first steps and carefree exploring on all fours.

Toddler rolly copatki malcki ko malcek shodi


Adults mostly remember the events of their childhood only from the stories of others – what our parents, grandparents or older siblings told us. Who knows, however, how we actually experienced certain moments, such as the time we walked for the first time? Experts say walking will happen on its own when a child is ready for it.

Toddler rolly copatki malcki

When a child begins to walk, a lot changes. Walking is the path to independence. For a toddler to be able to get on his feet, several things need to happen. The power to stand upright and walk on two legs requires a complex organization of the nervous system. The development of the skeleton is also very important for the ability to walk. There is no need to skip the necessary steps, the child should first of all learn to squat, climb over an obstacle and use his hands not to fall. This is important for the development of balance.


Children’s leather slippers of a wider cut, made of soft leather. They are also suitable for tall insteps. They are adapted to the natural movement of the child who begins to explore the world around him and stand on two legs. A wider cut and edge all the way around the slipper ensure:

Toddler rolly copatki malcki nedrsec podplat
Toddler rolly copatki malcki deklice 1
Toddler rolly copatki malcki deklice 2
Toddler rolly copatki iz usnja decki 1
Toddler rolly copatki iz usnja decki 2
Toddler rolly copatki za vrtec nedrsec podplat

Physiotherapists emphasize the need to allow the child to explore its environment and allow it to develop its own ideas. This way, parents can assure the child that it can trust them – as well as trust itself. Slippers from the Toddler collection provide toddlers with the necessary support not to lose their balance so easily. They therefore encourage them to become independent and support their first steps towards independence.

In addition to a wider cut, which is also suitable for tall insteps, and the edge around the entire rim, Toddler slippers help to develop safe walking and promote the child’s independence with the following features:

Vrtčevski copati rolly toddler rose gold malčki
Toddler bunny rolly copati za vrtec zajcek iz usnja

Experts say we need to let toddlers walk on their own. Persistently encouraging them to walk can make them feel overwhelmed. The child should learn gradually how to move: it should start and stop on its own, it is also important that it learns to change direction without falling and losing balance. We cannot skip steps, but we can offer support to the child – when learning to walk, it should be dressed in elastic clothes and put on slippers which won’t slip.

The sole is an important, but often overlooked part of a child’s slipper. The Toddler collection is distinguished by a flexible sole made of 3 layers:

Toddler teddy bears rolly medvedek vrtčevski copati rjavi
Vrtčevski copati toddler unicorn deklice


The fact that some children start walking sooner is not an indication that they will be more successful in life. Quality walking must develop in a natural way, only in this way will the child be happy and walking will be safe. The right choice of slippers can play a key role in this – as it can support the child on its way to independence.
The Toddler collection is made according to the recommendations of pediatricians and orthopedists. The slippers with a wider cut can be completely bent due to the flexible sole, and it is with flexibility that we ensure the natural development of the foot and ankle. The slippers allow proper movement, muscle development and balance. The wide front allows the toes to move freely. Because the contact of the toes with the ground is not hindered, the foot can respond quickly to changes in walking and adjust accordingly.
Toddler lamb rolly copati za vrtec roza ovčka


We have been developing children’s slippers for use in kindergarten and at home for more than 20 years. A toddler’s slipper is only seemingly a simple product. It takes quite a few design skills and technological secrets for it to be perfect.

Our proven recipe to make children’s feet feel great is: