Rolly Slippers


Slippers that ensure natural feet development, safe movement and independent usage.


In a perfect world, toddlers (maybe even some adults I know) should be able to walk barefoot! This is because in order to create a properly developed foot, actions like exposing the feet to a variety of surfaces helps strengthen the foot muscles. Unfortunately, walking barefoot is not always possible, primarily for hygienic reasons/the possibility of injury. The slippers from the “Mini collection” are designed to combine the properties of barefoot walking and top-quality footwear for safe first steps.

Rolly copatki mini bunny malcki

The Mini collection was designed according to the recommendations of pediatricians and physiotherapists. We thought through and tested every detail. Several times. Ten times, even! The slipper we made is suitable for children with different types of feet and at a variety of walking stages. It provides natural foot development, safe walking and independent use.


The Mini slippers for toddlers consist of soft leather. They are adapted to the natural movement of the child who is beginning to explore. Your toddler can walk, run and play safely. Some key points we at Rolly highlight concerning this product are:
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With their first steps, toddlers begin their journey to independence. A carefully selected combination of velcro fastening accompanied with an elastic heel enables children to put on and take off their shoes on their own. If the edge of the slippers are made of nothing but elastic, walking may feel uncomfortable for children. Things we considered when coming to this conclusion are:

How do toddlers usually explore the world around them and play? By moving around on their knees. It is therefore important that their slippers are not only comfortable, warm and airy, but also durable on the most delicate parts: at the front, at the tip.

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The sole is an important, but often overlooked part of a child’s slipper. The Mini collection is distinguished by a flexible sole made of 3 layers:

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The “Mini collection slippers” imitate barefoot walking, thus ensuring a natural development of the foot and ankle. The slippers allow proper movement, muscle development and balance. The wide front allows the toes to move freely. Because the contact of the toes with the ground is not hindered, the foot can respond quickly to changes in walking and adjust accordingly.

The slippers from the Mini collection are magical: they are warm and soft, yet maintain a moderate and healthy temperature when in use. Our proven recipe to make children’s feet feel great is:

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