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“Baby Winter slippers” are made up of natural sheep wool that never gets too hot or cold.


Natural sheep wool products are a gift of nature. They are popular all over the world as well as featured in many cultures. Wool has been considered a sign of prosperity since ancient times, especially because of its insulating properties. In many places throughout the world, sheeps are sheared once a year and their pelts are oftentimes then used, but not limited, to make wool sweaters, socks and scarves. Wool has been a popular material for knitting warm and long-lasting clothing. This is the feeling we wish to bring to the children that wear these particular slippers from our collection.

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Sheep wool, from which we can create various useful products, is an ideal natural air conditioner: in the summer wool vents and keeps us cool while in contrast during the winter, keeps us warm. At the same time, wool provides a feeling of natural softness and warmth. Wool breathes and absorbs heat and moisture, thus maintaining our body temperature while keeping the wearer content. Due to wool’s unique properties, that aid in creating warmth and long-lasting comfort, wool stands alone amongst a variety of “apparel-making” materials.


Baby Winter slippers” composed primarily of natural sheep wool. This particular textile fiber gently hugs the child’s feet while simultaneously establishing and regulating a child’s foot temperature. A smart cut and a combination of suede and a hem ensure that the slipper will not fall off easily when in use. Baby Winter slippers are distinguished by:

Rolly baby winter roza copatki

Sheep wool ensures that the slippers retain heat. The air inside the hollow suede retains heat and acts as a natural insulator. At the same time, wool is able to absorb twice as much moisture as cotton, which has a cooling effect. This attribute keeps the inside of the slipper dry. However, since wool is also soft and flexible, this makes the slippers elastic so they can adapt to the child’s foot. The slipper does not feel tight, but gives a feeling of softness and comfort.

The biggest challenge with slippers for babies is to ensure that they are not easily separated from the child’s foot when engaging in youth based activities such as playtime. At the same time we wish to keep the child’s foot safe and pleasant. “Baby Winter slippers” therefore have an elastic knitted hem in the part that hugs the foot. We chose a hem from elastic knitwear because:

Rolly baby winter copatki

During a child’s developmental years, it may not be best for them to be barefoot for an extended amount of time, which may vary depending on a variety of surfaces. However, this may not always be enforced. Such is the case in environments such as kindergarten where children are encouraged to play yet often feel fussy. A child spends a lot of time in these spaces and may be required to have footwear on his/her foot for several hours. It is important that the footwear being worn supports a healthy, natural development of the foot. At the same time, parents want the slippers being worn to be warm and comfortable. For this reason, we at Rolly propose that kindergarten slippers should be as soft as possible. In soft slippers, the foot can move freely, which has a good effect on the quality of foot development. The harder the slipper, the more inactive the foot, while in contrast inflexible slippers with hard soles prevent the children from playing as freely as possible.

To really serve their purpose, it is important that toddler slippers are made of the right materials and are properly designed. “Baby Winter slippers” are distinguished by:

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Many toddlers crawl around in tights or socks. The problem with both of these fabrics is that they come down quickly as well as do not give the child a feeling of comfort when attempting to stabilize themselves while simultaneously keeping the child’s foot nice and temperate. This is why here at Rolly we place an importance on the slippers manufactured for babies from our collection are made in such a way that children can not kick off or misplace them easily. At the same time, putting on slippers with an elastic hem is not a nightmare considering toddlers are never at rest during this period.

Rolly baby winter copatki roza

Don’t worry about your baby’s feet getting cold in Baby Winter slippers! The properties of wool ensure that the slippers are warm and very comfortable. Sheep wool is a natural material with excellent properties, it is one of the most effective natural insulators. Wool is characterized by airiness, moisture absorption ( drying). The slipper has a wider cut and can be completely bent due to the flexible sole. This flexibility solidifies that we are aiding  natural muscle development of the foot and ankle, by not prohibiting the movement of this area of the baby’s feet while at this stage of maturation.

Rolly baby winter rolly copatki


We have been developing Baby Winter slippers for a long time. As such, we have spent extensive time testing several versions of both the cut and the combinations of materials before we came up with a production model that we believe in.

In order for the child’s feet to feel as good as possible, while putting parents minds at ease regarding our slippers aiding in providing a comfortable/natural developmental environment for their child’s feet, we wish to highlight some key principles:

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