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There are a whole bunch of cute names for a newborn baby. Lari Koren Nastran, one of the most popular influencers in our country, is particularly fond of the term bébé, and the collection of slippers that we created together with her bears this name. We were united by the pursuit of quality and care for the child’s healthy development.


Lara wanted more than anything in the world for her baby to develop properly in the first year of life, so she visited Pedosana specialists. They taught her how to properly hold the child and encourage him to move, which will help him acquire movement patterns that will be the basis for his further development. Her youngest, however, grew and grew. Soon he was ready to take his first steps and the moment was right for his first shoes. Lara tried all the slippers on the shelves but couldn’t find the right ones, so she decided to make them herself.

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She soon realized that making slippers was not a piece of cake. She would need new skills, raw materials, machines, and to get all this, she would need a lot of time, and in the meantime, her little one would grow up. So she looked for a company that she knew had been heart and soul dedicated to making slippers from natural materials for over 20 years and that was our company Rolly. She suggested that we work together to make the slippers she saw in her dreams, and we set out to meet our new goal. Many meetings, coordinations and conversations followed. Under the experienced hands of the designer of Rolly shoes, Irene, the first sketches and samples were created. We measured the length of the tails, looked carefully at the color shades and evaluated the fluffy ears. Our goal was the perfect shoe. So beautiful that they would attract attention in every photo and make children’s eyes shine.


Although we hoped that our sneakers would be part of cute outfits, we firmly put quality first. We chose premium natural breathable leather for production. This leather does not have a strong surface coating, so it is more breathable, while being colored through the entire cross-section. Slippers that are made of this type of leather are useful for longer, as even a few scratches here and there do not spoil their appearance. We also tested the leather and made sure that the values of hexavalent chromium are ten times lower than legally permitted. We sewed elastic into the heel part, which allows the child to put on his shoes by himself, and covered it with soft, shaggy leather. We added a flexible sole that supports the foot during natural walking, does not slip, and is also impermeable, which means that the child’s foot is safe from spilled liquid on the floor as well as bacteria found on bathroom and toilet floors. We made the slippers entirely in Slovenia and thus supported Slovenian entrepreneurs and craftsmen.

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Lara and I lived to see the big day and there were not one but three pairs of slippers in front of us: Julija the Unicorn, Oliver the Koala and Dino Tristan. The unicorn is a shy curiosity with a golden rose, a fluffy white mane and mischievously curled eyelashes, Oliver the koala charms with his furry ears and a koala nose, while Tristan, like any real dinosaur, boasts a serrated tail, flaring nostrils and a reptilian green color. All so flexible that they do not hinder the child’s movement, but firm enough to keep the appropriate shape and offer the leg enough support to walk naturally. To let the children know that the shoes were made just for them, we added space for their name on the boxes and painted them. We made the slippers from quality materials and with enough precision that we dare to say that when the child outgrows them, the signs of use will be barely visible on them, so we want them to be given to someone who needs them.


The Bébé collection slippers are currently available in sizes 20 to 29, but since we received many suggestions to make them available in larger sizes, we decided to share a secret with you today. A little bird whispered to us that soon they will also be available up to number 33, and this before the visit of the first good man Miklavž.

The Bébé collection is already on the shelves, and Lara’s children continue to grow tirelessly. They will soon cross the school threshold. But maybe it’s time for a new collection of school shoes. We have already rolled up our sleeves!

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