The adaptation to kindergarten

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Regardless of whether we accompany our child to kindergarten for the first time, or they just are returning after the summer break, September is full of changes and therefore also stressful and hectic. Perhaps even more so for us parents than for our children. The pace of life changes and we again have more responsibilities, work and a more defined daily routine. A lot of things need to be arranged before September, but then we have to get used to the new everyday and stay calm. This is what will make the child feel good and accept all the changes that are happening to them as well as possible. For some it is the introduction to kindergarten, for others it is a change of kindergarten group, a new teacher and new peers, maybe even a change of kindergarten unit.

With that being said, the most important thing for parents is to stay calm and offer children stability, security, a lot of love and understanding. We know our child best, and that is why we know what they need at any given moment and will be able to advocate for it. Some children need a little longer introduction to kindergarten, while others get used to the new environment and people almost immediately. Some children feel better when introduced by their mother, while others may need a father’s support. I think it is important that we communicate and decide on such things together in advance and that some kind of agreement is reached on the introduction and attendance of the kindergarten, which will be the best for the child.

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Communication is very important in this process. The communication that parents have with their child and in front of the child is crucial. Regardless of the child’s age, it is important to speak positively about kindergarten in front of the child, avoiding any judgments and excessive commenting on what is happening. Our perception of the situation will affect the perception of the child, so it is essential that we try to accept the circumstances with verbal and non-verbal communication around the child. It’s advised to have a talk beforehand and agree on how the introduction will go. In this way, we will be able to mentally prepare for the course, which will give us a sense of control and therefore calm us down.

Each kindergarten has its own list of things that a child needs to take with them to kindergarten. Usual essentials to prepare are:

Don’t forget to label all things with the child’s first and last name. We also mark the outwear clothing that they should bring with them, depending on the weather (cap, jacket, jacket, shoes, etc.).

We can also prepare for the introduction to kindergarten or other changes through a conversation with our child, which should be age-appropriate. We briefly tell the child what awaits them, what the daily routine will look like, who will be in kindergarten with them and what activities will they do there. Let’s mention as many good aspects of the kindergarten as possible, but also mention that we will be at work in the meantime and will come to pick them up as soon as we finish. Younger children will not yet be able to understand this and will have only just acquired the awareness that parents always come back for them, and that is precisely why it is recommended that the time when we return to pick up the child is gradually extended, possibly with a slower introduction.

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As preparation for introduction, I would recommend:

All that awaits us is a normal part of their childhood, so let’s keep in mind that the child will adapt at their own pace to changes and experience some of their best childhood memories in kindergarten. Good luck everyone!